When did all this hatred start, yet another terrorist attack did occur, what happened to loving your neighbor as much as you love yourself. The world mourns with France, Paris the city of love was the latest to be targeted by the terrorists. In stead of marveling at the aesthetics in the city’s architecture or art galleries, 7 separate terror attacks were conducted in the city from the football stadium entrance to bar and restaurants which left the country shocked and now Paris is under a state of emergency in disbelief with this act of inhumanity.


When did all the animosity start and forgetting that we are all humans, another sad incident which took us all by by surprise this year was the 147 Garissa University students who were attacked in their school premises. Attacking defenseless students in school while they try to make something out of themselves. The West Gate attack hadn’t been a distant memory with the Kenyans and our hearts remained saddened by all these acts of cowardice.


When will this madness ever come to an end. Nigeria pleads bring our girls back home. How will Nigeria ever live to fulfill the title of being the giant of Africa if there is a suicide bomber out there or there is the kidnapping of young children who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow. When will people in Northern Nigeria just sit back and enjoy their day without being worried that an attack may occur in their streets.

When will this terror finally stop. When will the fire in Syria go out for the children to go back to playing football in the streets, people go back to their normal lives and tourists to come and visit a country rich in history and see places such as Aleppo which has breathtaking views or Dier-az-Zur, a desert town near the infamous Euphrates River where the ancient civilization began to flourish.

When will all the many unanswered questions be answered like the reason for this hatred, all we want is for peace to prevail. Where is the love where you are supposed to be your brother’s keeper? How are we to attain the universal peace and become a global community with all this terror. A moment of silence to all those who have succumbed to terror attacks, you are never forgotten you are always in our hearts.

# one love


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  1. Alice Makori says:

    A good article…its passing a good message

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