It has finally turned into a stand off. Everyone thinks they are right, one claims they are using justice to fight injustice while the other claims that the counterpart is using injustice to fight justice. Who is right, who is wrong. The ICC insists they still want to try the Kenyan post election violence cases in the Hague while Kenya has different ideas, she wants the cases tried here in Africa. Do you think that is possible, will justice be served if the cases are tried right here in Africa or will it be better if the cases are just left in the Hague.

Are prayers finally being answered. It first started as the Ocampo 6, now its 2 remaining. It’s Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang who are left, Moses Kuria came out from nowhere and confessed to bribing witnesses and claimed that William Ruto was part of some witch hunt. Will that statement finally be his saving grace, does this mean the Ocampo list will be scrapped off to the Ocampo zero all the way from the Ocampo 6? If that is not the case then let’s hope they haven’t stopped praying and maybe their prayers will be answered too just like the previous ones.

One of the famous Swahili sayings is “nyani haoni kundule huliona la mwenziwe” [a monkey never sees its ass, he sees his companion’s] would it be right to use this proverb in this context to describe both the ICC and Africa? Africa has had its own fair share of unrest which most of the times appear to be politically motivated and it even appeared to be the seventh world wonder when Tanzania held peaceful elections, some people even began to question whether they were Africans, most of the people anticipated what happened in Kenya in 2007, Libya or the Ivory Coast to happen again. So is it wise having ICC stand guard and watch over of our activities a good thing for us as a continent, let them set checks and balances for us because sometimes it is hard to judge oneself not that am saying we have poor judgement. But then turning to the ICC, fortunately or unfortunately all the 9 cases they current have are all African related, from Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir to Germain Katanga of the DRC or even Charles Taylor whom they sentenced to 50 years imprisonment, but then what about countries such as Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Palestine, Colombia, and Afghanistan, what about them, activities against humanity were also committed there, why does it seem that ICC is targeting African states or even specific powerful individuals in Africa. Ocampo once said that we are going to make am example out of Kenya, don’t you have other countries to also to attend to, is it better to just let Africa stand on its own and decide on its own cases.

Fahali wawili wapiganapo nyasi huumia” [when two bulls fight its the grass that gets hurt]. So in the midst of all this don’t forget about the ordinary citizens who you are striving so hard to defend because if care is not taken they are the ones who end up getting hurt. The AU seems to support Kenya’s decision and statement such as “We have arrived at the conclusion that the International Criminal Court, whose establishment was strongly supported by Africa… is no longer a court for all,” by Mr Tedros the Ethiopian minister have been issued while South Africa’s support is evident too. But then we all know that ICC won’t let these cases slip that easily from their grasp but in all that madness don’t forget about the citizens whose interests you have at heart. The African countries seem to stand with Kenyan decision to withdraw the cases while the the European Union wants the cases to be still tried in the Hague. The big question remains will Africa save Africa or will Africa kill ICC or will ICC save Africa or will ICC kill Africa


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