Mtumishi, Mchungaji

Kenya Pope

Karibu Kenya tena. I know it’s been less than a week since you’ve been gone and here I am already trying to welcome you back to our beloved Kenya. Your arrival was much anticipated by everyone from the young ones to the elderly, the greengrocers to the politicians and when we lent you our ears you didn’t disappoint. You preached a message of hope and peace, shunned tribalism and corruption. That is why I take this opportunity to welcome you back again to Nairobi the city where lions roar in the afternoon, hope you saw the Kidero grass. The home of champions, Africa’s fastest growing nation in technology and a place you would never be wrong if you ever decided to invest, the place where priests sometimes forget about their oath to be celibate and decide to marry, We are the pride of Africa. There were reports that Kenya was a terrorist hot zone and that you shouldn’t come, I don’t know what they think happens here, I guess they should make a point to visit and have the African experience; from the delicacies to the beautiful hardworking people, the breathtaking scenery and our buses with loud booming music and that is when they will know there is no place like Africa, it’s the place to be. When you get back you should sprinkle some holy water on them so as they can vanquish those primitive thoughts they harbor about our continent. We were very honored to have you in our midst, am sure if you had the chance you would have stayed longer but then our door will always be open for you.


I know you are a busy man but then I would like us take a few minutes of your time and ask you to pray. First of all let’s pray for a man who can’t just shut his big Donald Trump about Kenya. He thinks that Kenyans are a bunch of nitwits but the jokes on him. We all know that empty vessels make the loudest noise so please mister go ahead and make some more noise we are not listening but if you get the chance just stop and listen yourself you will be shocked because you don’t seem to make any sense.

Let’s pray for Brother Ocholla not to be excommunicated from the church. We have all once or twice been in the same situation.  We have all made the error of sending the right text to the wrong recipient. So let’s the one without sin cast the first stone. Let us at least hope after messing up he still got lucky because if he didn’t that would be double tragedy and not forgetting Mollis hope he learns to listen and takes things slow.

We prayed for rain and we got it. We are very grateful but we also pray that the El nino is not too much that it will cause floods which might end up displacing people neither for it to be too little that our crops won’t sprout. This is not being ungrateful all we want is for it to be just enough so that our lands can be fertile for our coffee and tea to nourish so as we can be able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and export the rest and for our livestock can have enough to feed.

Finally Beseige and President Museveni were both in the same room, both smiling. Thank you for spreading the love let’s hope we will still be seeing the same smiles when they are having elections. Waiguru resigned just before your arrival let’s hope this is the end of corruption which you spoke about and let’s hope the other corrupt officials follow suit. Visiting CAR and even going to the Mosque was a good gesture, we pray that peace will prevail.




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    Nyc article


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    Nyc piece


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