The biggest day of the year is here again. That one day you are assured that all prices will be hiked. That one day you are assured the church will be full to the brim with both the believers and non-believers, but it is also that one day you are sure that you won’t meet a gloomy face. Don’t we all love Christmas, it might have started from the West but we are now making it our thing here in Africa, we might not have Santa clause or even kiss under the mistletoe but there is nothing that can beat the African Christmas. So today we are going to do it  Throwback Christmas and reminisce the good times we had on Christmases of our yesteryears as we prepare to make some more new memories this year.

#Throwback Christmas

Christmas is usually a big deal to a point you would begin planning for it months before. These preparations would range from what you would wear to where you would go and who you would meet. When Christmas day finally arrived it would be like a fashion exhibition. People would come out with their new clothes to show them off and walk proudly across town like peacocks in their new shoes which are sometimes too tight which was the reason for their funny new walking styles. For those without new attires preferring to staying indoors. For the parents who didn’t buy their children new clothes were assured of receiving the silent treatment from their own children because they would be ridiculed by their friends for wearing old clothes on Christmas.

#Throwback Christmas

Christmas is famous for family reunions, that is the time you are assured of meeting all your uncles and aunties who lastly saw you when you were a toddler. That morning children would go to the bus stop and wait for their relatives living in the city so as maybe to spend time together as a family but then most of the day is spent slaughtering goats and cooking food which never seems to gets fully ready. The women in the kitchen always seem to be frying and boiling something. Christmas was that time when your uncle who worked in Industrial area would go and borrow his neighbor one of his suit so as to show up in the village looking as the managing director of Safaricom. He would start saving money in advance so as to buy alcohol for his friends in the village and boast of how life has been good to him yet even the shoes he is wearing are still borrowed. .

#Throwback Christmas

Back in the days that is when people who lived in the rural areas where electricity was yet to be installed would venture into the neighboring town just to see the Christmas lights used for decorations in shops twinkle. When they got bored, they would go to the video shows where you would pay 5 shillings so as to watch 3 movies. Christmas was the best time for trial and error. That was the time you finally got the guts to speak to the girl you liked since you thought maybe she might dig your new haircut or even in the midst of the family gathering being able to snatch a bottle of beer. And for the first time taste beer. Its bitter but then you like the fizzy feeling your brain is experiencing and you can’t stop smiling. You want to steal another bottle but you are too scared since you feel everyone keeps giving you those eye.

# Throwback Christmas

Christmas was never Christmas without dancing. You would walk around town and you would find posters put up everywhere advertising how the town’s local pub would be having a guest artist performing and the entry charges would be two bottle of beer which was a big deal at that time. Christmas was that time when people didn’t really consider drinking a bad thing as such but actually a requirement to end the day.

# Throwback Christmas

I almost forgot about the favorite part of Christmas for most children, church. Christmas was that one day as a kid you never missed going to church since free biscuits and sweets were the order of the day. Then the recital of memory verses in front of your parents as they cheered you. After all the plays had been enacted, the children with the best Sunday school attendance are given gifts.


That is all for today, have a Merry Christmas.


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  1. Billy Miaron says:

    Great article Ben, Merry Christmas too


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