Would I be right to say as old as development. Development is one of the oldest notions known to man. It’s been there since the ancient times and it will still live on till the sun goes down. But doesn’t development get tired of developing or even just take a five minute break?
Good morning, it’s always a good morning despite what side of the globe you are on or the time zone hearing the birds whistling from the trees or inhaling that cold morning air as you feel it cascading all the way from your nostrils down to your lungs as you lock your door and prepare for a new day. We are all trying to make ourselves and even the world a better place and that is why we have come up with the concepts of personal, national or even international development; I guess this can be depicted by the SDGs and the vision 2030 for Kenya.
The best and worst part of development is that it never ends and that’s why it’s a lifestyle. Education as a way of life is the only way to come close to attaining the goals we have set. Education and development always complement each other and I couldn’t agree more after I had read the summary of Lee Kuan Yew’s book from third world to first world. It tells of the sensational story where the former Singapore Prime minister took the country from the fringes of colonialism and revolutionized it to one one of the wealthy nations which others are now trying so hard to emulate. He achieved this by passing policies such as that no man should marry an uneducated woman, that’s absurd isn’t it. But then they have a saying that “educate a woman and transform a society, educate a man and transform an individual”,so it doesn’t sound as absurd after all. Embracing the idea access of universal primary education (UPE) by countries means that at least that everyone will acquire the basic education which will help in reducing the illiteracy problem. This literacy will help cancelling out some of the problems we have been struggling with for ages such as gender inequality and such a view since everyone knows their rights. Its true that education cannot offer answer all our problems and sometimes we over burden it by thinking that it can answers but then where else would we look at if not at education. Education is development and development is education.

library in Kenyatta university in 1990's and how it has developed in 2015
library in Kenyatta university in 1990’s and how it has developed in 2015

The MDGs have reached their end and now have the SDGs, when I first heard of UNGA I thought that they were talking about maize flour since there is a Swahili word which is spelled exactly the same way. But after sitting down to inquire why was a panel on TV discussing about maize flour i was told that UNGA stands for United Nations General Assembly. They had now come up with the sustainable development goals to succeed the millennium development goals. The MDGs felt as if they were targets that had been set for third world countries to attain by receiving aid from first world countries. But with then getting to read about the SDGs they haven’t come to replace the former goals but they have come to use them as a stepping stone in this long development journey. The MDGs focused on the social and economic aspects of development while the new goals are focusing on the environmental aspect of development. Let’s hope these goals will be key to universal development.
Development never stops or takes a five minutes break its us who stop developing by our own free will by being lazy or corrupt. I burst into laughter when I heard a bar of soap would cost 37,500 KSH (375 USD) during the El-nino which was supposed to rain Kenya. Where is the logic in buying soap which is insanely overpriced for flood struck individuals rather than finding a contingency plan. What are they supposed to do with the soap, wash all their clothes with the hope that they will use up all the el-nino water and all will all go back to being okay?

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