Are you hungry, I guess you might even be wondering was he hungry when came up with such a headline? Well during my days as a volunteer my friends and I once had a discussion on hunger and starvation, and at some point everyone was given a go to give their opinion on starvation then Gerald my counterpart said something which at first left most of us bursting in laughter. According to him hunger is a state of mind and in spite of all what I had managed to learn on that day like the green revolution of 1970 and the GMO it was his response which stood out for me.

Yes hunger is a state of mind, its true that your mind receives responses from your stomach and then you know that you are hungry or even for example when you just eaten to satisfaction then you see your favorite dish being served you always want to take a bite and see whether you can squeeze it in but then again am interested in a different kind of hunger not the one about food. The kind of hunger am talking about you may know it as ambition since that is the name we like calling it.

It is this hunger or ambition which has which has lead us to achieve far much greater success than even what our forefathers would have ever anticipated like having a station in the moon and now plans are underway to visit different planets on the milky way and not only for scientific expeditions but there is a dream that people may one day live in outer space or even better yet the erection of sky scrappers in the middle of oceans. With this current rate of invention from the simplest devices such as mobile phones to having jet packs sooner rather than later there will be nothing left to be invented.

Martin Luther Jr had a dream, so do you have a dream of your own. Personally I had been having the idea to open a blog for some time but I had a lot of doubts, what if I opened it would I have any readers until I spoke to my best friend Kelvin who told me “you will never know unless you try” and after that conversation there was no looking back. It all starts with a dream and then the dream turns into reality, it doesn’t matter how small or big the dream is, look at Julius Yego the current African and common wealth record holder in javelin began by watching videos on you tube and now he is a world better.  Look at the dream for the girl child education in Pakistan is now a reality through the Malala Foundation. Malala is currently the youngest Nobel peace prize winner it was her courage in adversity which brought this change, her only crime was going to school so as to have a better future and she ended up being shot by the Taliban but despite the odds she is the reason the girls in Pakistan can go to school without fear. We have all heard of Ed Sheeran the young 23 year old from the UK who has taken the music industry by storm and sang tunes such as “thinking out loud”. The accomplished singer and song writer was at some point of his life homeless and after concerts he would go and sleep on friends couches but now he is a worldwide sensation. Obama becoming the first black president of the USA helped achieve Martin Luther’s dream. They were all ordinary people who dared to dream, so its time you dreamt too. Dreams are free so dream as much as you want, you are as a big as you make yourself to be.

Photo credits to BMPics


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  1. Alice Makori says:

    Hi Ben…..i have been inspired by your article…thats good work keep up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. loreal says:

    Hi Ben,read the article its inspiring I love your work .


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