A letter to her frenemy


P.o.Box 12354,



Hey girl,

Where do I even start, it’s no secret we have a maladjusted relationship. You are that one friend I wish I never had but am not yet sure whether I am ready to let you go. It’s tiring on how we are always at cross roads and how you always try to get our mutual friends to support you even when you know you are the one at fault. At times I want to hug you but most of the time I just want to push you away or pull out your braids. It is amazing how you always manage to get on my nerves,you should actually get a certificate or a trophy for it. Like last night how you removed from the Whats App group, what was that all about and you didn’t even have the courtesy to explain or apologize.

Every new year’s eve we always toast to new beginnings but I am yet to see any progress in our friendship which actually seems to be regressing. The sarcastic complements and the back biting aren’t funny at all. Most of the times I wonder how you always conveniently show up when you know you are not needed. Last week I asked myself why I even tolerate you, is it because you are a friend to a friend or is it the fact you know too much about me and am scared on the amount of damage you may cause to my image. We pose and take selfies then post them on Facebook and Instagram and hash tag besties, who are we actually kidding but then again we still have to keep up the appearances.

It is advisable for one to walk out of relationships that aren’t working or which seem to be taking a toll on them. I guess some people would argue that I should run as far away from you as fast as my legs would carry me. But do you ever wonder what it would be like if we were real friends. Let’s be honest its not many people who can pride themselves of having real friendship. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were the dynamic duo and you would be the Brick to my Lace? Let me clear the air its not that I hate you but I don’t like you. I think we need to still give us a fighting chance to prove that all those years we have known each others haven’t all been in vain. I think we make a better team when we are together just look at the amount of success we have accomplished while acting as opponents.

Yours Truly







2 Comments Add yours

  1. sly says:

    nice piece of work.


  2. YallahArt says:

    Lovely…some relationship slow down our visions, cutting them off is the only option.


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