I belong

I have a name and I belong. I am proud to be called a son or a daughter of this great republic of Kenya # najivunia kuwa Mkenya. Kenya the home of champions, with pride we support our Shujaa’s and in honor our brave Kenya defense forces (KDF) our muscle are always ready to protect us from any terror whatsoever. Black, red, green and white are the colors of our flag which we hoist up high as a sign of patriotism. The color black represents the people of the land of Kenya, red represents the blood shed by our heroes, green represents the vegetation; our natural wealth and white finally represents peace. The Maasai shield and spear represents the defense for our freedom. The flag is symbolic of our journey from colonialism to our current state of democratic governance and the progress we have made in all the sectors in general. From the fresh tea leaves being picked in Kericho to the sandy beaches in Mombasa or the fishermen in lake region or even the snow which appears to be falling from Mount Kenya I belong. I belong not because of my ethnic origin but because it is my right as a citizen.

Photo credits: Billy Miaron @miaronbilly #bmpicz      Model: @tmarz_254


Have you heard of the I belong campaign, if you haven’t let me tell you all about it. It is an initiative aimed at ensuring that everyone who is above the age of 18 years has an identification card (ID). The campaign is spearheaded by Rosemary Odinga. Their strategy involves setting up mobile ID registration centers where they will take clerks to the community to help people with their registration and they later hope to move on to the door to door registration approach so as to be able to reach a wider scope of the population. They are trying to simplify the processes of ID registration from its stringent rules which have kept many people away from accessing this very important document. Rosemary said “with this new initiative even without your birth certificate but with your parents IDs and a letter from your local chief, you will now be able to get an identification card”

But what is the importance of having an ID, is it just a decoration to put in your wallet together with your other business cards or something to show the police officers while in town so that they do not harass you with the fear they will end up arresting you or is it simply your leeway to buy alcohol since it is proof that you are actually an adult? An ID has far much more uses than just that, did you know you could never get employment or even own property in the country without an ID, or the fact that nowadays all you need is an ID so that you can visit our regional neighbors who include Rwanda and Uganda. Such a small document with so much importance. You can only enroll to an institution of higher learning once you have an ID and also apply for funds such as the Uwezo fund which the government has allocated to its youth once you have this document. Without it you can never exercise your democratic right as a citizen since you cannot vote in the election. It is difficult to carry out simple tasks such as having an M-pesa transaction since an ID is still required here. So an ID is as important as the shirt you are wearing and just like a doctor can never walk without his/her stethoscope neither should you refuse to have an ID. Owning an ID will be the first step you make in the enjoyment of your freedoms and rights as a citizen. For those without ID you hurry go and get your copy now and belong.

#ID for life


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    truly kenyan

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