Dear Mum

Mum I am hungry, mummy he pinched my ears. Mummy this, mummy that, dear mum what haven’t I  told you, it seems that most of the time I look for you when things are not working in my favor or when I am in trouble with the hope that you will help me find a solution. From the minuet issues like how I lost my pen in class or how you caught me red handed licking sugar in the kitchen or to the more sophisticated issues like how the teacher on duty saw me near the school fence trying to sneak out of school but in spite of all the ups and downs you stood by me every step of the way always finding remedies to all my mischievousness. Sometimes I pretended to be smarter than you and thought that I was  Mr. Know it all but then you stood there patiently ready to help heal my wounded ego when the harsh reality hit me realizing that I was wrong and you were right. But dear mum have I ever told you thank you. Thank you for being my mother, thank you for bearing with all my mischievousness all those years, thank you for molding me into the person I am today and thank you for all the many things I may not be able to put down on paper and pen.


Photo credits: Billy Miaron @miaronbilly #bmpicz

I always dreamt of the day when I would grow up and find my own house to live and be self-dependent, but now I am an adult and my wishes have been actualized and then I realize that I will never outgrow you. There are so many things I wished I would have said to you but I haven’t yet said them, so let me start by saying that I love you. I don’t just love you because you brought me into this world no, I love you for helping me pronounce my first words and when those words didn’t seem to make any sense you still encouraged me to still keep on talking, I love you for the love and care you have shown me all those years despite all the headaches I put you through, I love you for staying up all night when I cried because I was I had a fever or just because I was scared of sleeping alone in my bedroom, I love you for picking me up when I was down and when I was flying high up in the sky you always told me to remain focused and keep my feet on the ground, I love you for the simple things you always did for me like always ensuring I always find a meal on my table every morning and every evening although sometimes I never seem to appreciate your efforts and finally I love you for you because you are my mother.


Being a mother is never that easy, like how you always work hard and save every coin for me. Or how you spend your whole day at work then come back home in the evening exhausted and you still manage to prepare the meal for all us, make sure that we have all eaten to satisfaction before you can finally sit down and eat or how you compromise on your own wants to ensure that all my needs are first satisfied. Sometimes I make you shed tears and you even have to fight your emotions psychologically because of me. There is no guide book to motherhood but then this far you have brought me you deserve the award for the best mum in the whole wide world.

Today is happy mother’s day but that doesn’t mean tomorrow I won’t celebrate you, I celebrate you today, tomorrow and forever. You are my superwoman, the one woman who believed in me from the first second I inhaled the cold harsh air of this world, and as I took my baby steps you still believed in me and now that I am all grown up thank you mum for still believing in me. Without your unconditional love and support and I am not sure I would be where I am today. Blessings come pouring down when mama prays, thank you for always mentioning me in all your prayers. I read somewhere that the joy of motherhood can’t be defined and that is true because neither can I ever define the joy of having you as my mother nor put a price on your love for me because it is simply priceless. I know one day I may become a parent and I pray that I will love my children the same way you loved me because I learned from the best and I will also cry a bit when I remember your passion for me and no matter how many grey hairs I will have on my head I will forever and always be your child.

# Happy mother’s day











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  1. muchungu says:

    Love the mothers’ day article


  2. muchungu says:

    Love the article


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