The free expensive things

It has always been about the money. Who are we kidding when we say it is never about the money. The main reason most of us wake up every morning is so that they can go and earn that dime. Wu tang clan simplified it when they sang C.R.E.A.M. Cash rules everything around me. My friend Dick goes on and jokes that I was born cute not rich. This is his excuse so as to why he is always on the phone trying to make that business deal. But have you ever been caught in a situation where your money is useless since what you want is priceless. Money has a lot of significance in our society but it can never buy you everything.  It’s actually a fact that the best things in life are free, they might be expensive but you can never buy them.

  1. Friendship

The joy of friendship is being stuck in an awkward situation and knowing that everyone in the room will judge you apart from your friend who you are certain has your back through thick or thin. The joy of friendship is being able to be yourself whenever you are with your friend and not having to pretend to be someone you are not so that you can actually fit in. A true friend is someone who can handle you at your worst or your best and still manage to  share a genuine opinion or laugh with you at the end of the day.

  1. Peace of mind


Photo credits: Billy Miaron @miaronbilly #bmpicz

I used to hear my cousin joke that if money can’t buy you happiness it can help you buy your way into misery, but then money can never buy you peace of mind. Peace of mind is that feeling of waking up and not being able to worry about anything and most important of all things being at peace with oneself. One can only achieve this by first accepting everything that life has to offer and then trying to find positivity in all those things then being content with them. The most ironical thing is that it is money is actually the main reason why many people do not have any peace of mind since they are always fixated on ways of making more money.

  1. Happiness

Happiness is that feeling of extreme pleasure or that tingling feeling inside you that makes you want to stand and start dancing when everyone else is seated. Everything we do is always centered around the pursuit of happiness. It is only after finding happiness can one say that they have truly lived. True happiness is found in the little things in life like smiling at a stranger or helping an elderly person cross the road. Material things tend to get people excited for a few minutes and they consider that as happiness. Happiness shouldn’t just last for a few minutes then fade away. One way of living a healthy life is by having sustained happiness.

  1. True Love

We all want love, we all want someone to hold, we all want to be somebody’s one and only, we all want to be warm when it’s cold, no one wants to be left scared and lonely. We all want to love and to be loved back. What would life be without love? Love has no boundaries and it can come from our family members, friends, spouses or even a stranger. Love is a feeling which at times a smile is the best word you can use to describe it. Love can never be measured and some times money is used as motivating factor while people pretend to be in love. The most unfortunate thing about love is that you can never plan for it, it just happens when you least expect it. True love is being able to find someone who will love you with all your flaws, someone you don’t need to camouflage while around them so that you can be able to match up to their standards but someone whose love fits your heart like a glove



  1. Trust and respect

Respect and trust go hand in hand. People learn to trust you after they are able to respect you. Trust is the only currency in the world with value. A person who isn’t doesn’t have the respect and trust of the people is like a king who is despised by his subjects.

What matters when the sun goes down….when the curtains fall, a man or woman will never be measured by what they own but by how many people they have influenced and the lives they have touched.


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  1. nzumo says:

    keep up tha gwd work


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