The paradox of politics

Mr. politician are trying to take us back to 2007? I thought by Kenya being cleared from the ICC was the final step of the healing process but it now seems we are pouring salt on those wounds which are bringing back the glimpses of the rough patch we went through as a country. At first I thought that you just love going out to the streets to protest and you find it fun to have the policemen chasing after you with their rungu’s and tossing teargas your way while on the other hand you hit them with stones. But then I realized that this shit was real when I saw a man wearing a green T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans being chased down by policemen and when they caught him they beat him down until he was unconscious, but it didn’t end there, kicks still rained on him as his powerless body lay on the ground and you couldn’t tell whether he was still alive because his body as stiff as a rock. I could feel his pain as the sheen of the policeman’s boot connected with his body while sat at home transfixed on my television set. On other news I saw a woman crying on that her husband had been shot in the demonstrations and the death toll had risen to 4 people countrywide and as tears rolled down her cheeks she asked questions such as “where shall I go and who shall educate my children?” and I wished someone would answer her questions. Then in the same news bulletin Mr.politician news conference was broadcasted and he said that the protests would still go on until their demands were met. Mr. politician what would it have cost you to recognize the people who had been caught in the crossfire while supporting your agenda, even if it was just mentioning them in one sentence in your speech then you could show the world that politicians are not the selfish people we think they are, people who only think about themselves and use the ordinary citizens as a means to an end.


My fellow citizens why are you putting the police under temptations? What do you expect them to do when you throw stones at them, come and hug you or like Jesus turn the other cheek for you to hit? Not that I support the brutality which is being exercised on you but we should avoid some problems when necessary. Not that I am asking you to be cowards but we are in the digital era where there are better ways of expressing your grievances like making a court petition or even an online petition which is less stressful than playing hide and seek with the police. Peaceful protests are also an option too. No police officer in their right mind would dare lift a finger on peaceful demonstrators. Safety begins with you and as much you trying to fight for justice where is Mr.politician when all hell breaks loose and the police want to clobber you and they start sprinkling dirty toxic water or want to suffocating you with teargas. Mr. politician is usually in his car or with his body guards who always carry him/her away once the chaos begin. Just a random question in the many protests you have seen how a politician get hurt, none would be the number but they are so busy inciting us to go and protest. So as you wake up in the morning and blindly and say that you are going to fight with the policemen think twice. The politician who called you to join him/her should be on the front line. They are so quick to cry foul but when it matters the most they usually vanish into the thin air. We are so stupid to a point we let the politician’s personal rivalries split us in terms of our ethnic origins. These people you are fighting so hard to keep up with their rivalry are just doing it for showbiz and you will see them smiling and posing for pictures while you can’t greet your neighbor for reasons you even don’t understand. What was stolen from your tribe for you to consider another as your rivals? Let’s us be wise and avoid getting entangled in people’s personal battles and then foolishly make those battles our own.


Mr. president do you own a television at state house. Do you take time to watch the local news and see how the citizens you swore an oath to protect are being man handled? What’s your play, it’s your turn to make you move are you just going to act like nothing is happening or what will you actually do? All they want is to have a sit down with you but how long will it take you to finally accept their request and in the mean time how many civilians do you think will have been hurt in these protests. How ironical we celebrated Madaraka day last week. Iko wapi madaraka yetu?


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  1. charity says:

    well put,people are being harrassed all day on mondays and yet they wait for the next week to go demonstrate its a pity the leader they are following won’t stay n enjoy the teargas together


  2. YallahArt says:

    You nailed it bro.


  3. i love the post kenyans should read this. Impressive


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