Mystery Girl

So it is actually true when they say, be careful what you wish for because you might get it all. It always gets to that point in every person’s life when they want to experience that extra thrill and they knowingly leave their comfort zone with the hope of finding something new. Some end up making a few wrong choices at will with the hope of feeling more alive and at the end of the day getting that adrenaline rush is always worth it even if it means running into some small trouble. And just like every other human being I have been craving for a not so ordinary day but a little adventure.

I once heard that for a person to live a happy life they need to find a way of always ensuring that their soul is well nourished. But how do you nourish the soul I wondered? I decided to take up this topic with Weru who said that there were only 3 remedies for nourishing the soul which were namely religion, love or art. He also said the person who would be able to find the correct formula for in cooperating all the 3 of them successfully into their life should be considered as the luckiest person on the face of the sun. But fortunately or unfortunately I was able to only find one out of the three. I hope you have already made a wild guess of which one I found.

If you haven’t, let me just tell you.

I met her… A girl prettier than the one in your dreams. She isn’t your ordinary kind of girl, not the kind that needs cash to buy class. Perfect is her first name while gorgeous is her middle name. She has a well rounded face with all its features perfectly placed like how her eyebrows are neither too curvy nor too straight. She has those brown sexy eyes, the kind that see right through to the nethermost folds of your soul and perfectly understands you. Her sweet lips are painted red with a smile that can stop time. She loves mysteries so much that she has become one. Looking at her from a distance might leave you thinking of her as Leonardo da Vinci’s long lost masterpiece after he was done painting the Mona Lisa.

Model Cess Photo credits miaronbilly

She looked like the kind of girl Mama warned me against. The type that would crush my soul and once she was done with me would leave me feeling hollow like a bottomless pit. She was the kind my best friend would wonder how I managed to get her digits leave alone ask her out. And if it happens that my Ex sees us together I am sure she will die of jealousy and might even try warning me of her reputation and how she plays with boys hearts like tennis balls and how we aren’t meant to be. And if by any chance my dad happens to see us together I know he will smile and say that’s my boy because I am sure I will remind him of his heydays. But Mama if by any chance you get to hear of us don’t frown, know that I am doing this willingly because for the first time my heart and mind can both agree on a girl.

I want to blame her for being too attractive but I know only have myself to blame for not looking the other way. I know she is trouble but pretty girls make me do stupid things. So there is no way I am going to let her out of my sight and miss out on the chance of making her the cat woman to my batman.

What is this tingling feeling I feel inside me, is this what people call love at first sight or is it simply crashing of emotions and that is why I do not know what I am feeling?

As I watch her swing her waist to the rhythm of the beat I know if I play my cards right she might end up singing to my own tune. So it’s high time I got up and tried solving the puzzle to this mystery girl, wish me luck.

To be continued…….


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  1. peshamina says:

    Good luck!😃

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  2. Immaliz says:

    All the best Ben 😄

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  3. Just Passingby says:

    All the best bro hahaha

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