Who am I… For those of you who know me in person am sure you are already trying to create a mental picture of me while those who do not I am sure a few of you might be tempted to search me online but please don’t because this is not about me but actually about you. Yes you my dear reader.

“I think am an alien” is what my friend told me when we were 10 years old. I wanted to assume her words but curiosity wouldn’t allow me. I had to put my toys on the side and look at her as if I was seeing her for the first time. She didn’t fit the description the movies portrayed about aliens. She wasn’t green in colour neither was her face long and oval in shape with big black round eyes with like an actual alien. I was even more curious to know whether she had her own spaceship and if so where she had hidden it. She continued and said “I don’t think I belong here, everything I do always seems to be wrong and in spite of all my best efforts to fit in I always fail”. She looked uneasy and had the question who am I written all over her face.

Photo credits @ bmpicz

Who am I is the question we tackle today. So who are you?

By now some of you are assuming this is the easiest question they will encounter this year. A few will start with your names but immediately after that you will realize the question is not as simple as you had once assumed. All you have right now is nothing but a blank space. You are tempted to assume the question but for some reason you don’t know you just can’t. Are you suffering from amnesia is an option a few of you might be considering at the moment because that seems to be the only logical reason you can’t answer this question?

Leave alone your name and physical attributes how do you define yourself? Defining oneself is not as simple as ABC. First step of being able to define who you are starts with some soul searching. It is important you get to learn what you like, love, hate and also what you believe in. It is said a man is only as strong as his beliefs. So what do you believe in, is it religion, love or art? What is your driving factor? It is only by knowing this you are now able to live up to your full potential and avoid the catastrophic quote of everyone dies but it’s not everyone who truly lives. Truly living is simply loving the life you live and living the life you love.

Having resolutions is also important as you try to piece up the puzzle of who you are. The new year is here and people are scrambling to make them. Resolutions, they are very essential since they help you create guidelines on how you want to run your life. But resolutions only work if you decide to see them through to their very end. But the biggest problem most people face is that they make resolutions which they forget they had actually made. So it is advisable to make daily resolutions rather than yearly resolutions since they are easily attainable and simply live each day at a time.

What do you value most, character or reputation? Worry more about your character not your reputation, because your character is who you are while your reputation is only what people who don’t know you think about you.

Does your past or do your mistakes define you? No they don’t. Let the past remain where it belongs; in the past. So its time to flip a new page in your life and write your own story however you like it as you get to know who you are. The essence of life is actually living it so it is time to live, learn then love who you are and don’t forget to laugh.


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  1. Titus says:

    Nice article


  2. rahabsglow says:

    Definitely inlove with this one… Super awesome..

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    1. Ayoun Ben says:

      Thanks a lot watch out for new articles which will be posted soon


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