🎼Work, work, work🎶. This is just one of the two things my mind can comprehend at the moment. My vision isn’t at 100% at the moment, but my feet seem to understand how to move to Rihanna’s song.

Our paths have finally crossed. We had both known that this was bound to happen, but none of us had anticipated what the night had in store for us. What had intrigued me about her was the way she was looking at me. I couldn’t tell whether she was just curious or it was simply attraction. She is so mysterious, yet so familiar like a song, I have never heard before but with a tune I have known all my life

I move fleetly and join her on the dance floor. The way she is whining her waist might make you confuse her for a gypsy. She doesn’t miss a single cue and moves so swiftly to a point you never want the song to end.

The DJ takes it a notch up higher and plays a different song turning the tide to my favour. This particular song seems to unravel her and she is free in her wildness. She now turns around and faces me, places her palm on my left shoulder and her left arm on the right side of the lower rib as I place my left hand on her waist and I know its game on. And step by step we move as she sings along while the song plays;

“How deep is your love

How deep does it go

How deep is your love

Let us explore

How deep is your love

How deep does it go

Mine runs down to the ocean floor”

She knows the song word for word and sings while staring deep into my eyes. I can’t help but think, if she is singing just for the sake of singing or am I supposed to flatter myself and just assume that these words are being directed at me. She is my kryptonite and is making me weaker with every passing second since she has already hypnotized with those sexy eyes.

model: Cess. shot by miaron

The second and last thing I am sure of is, that I don’t need to be a scientist to understand what is happening in between us is what people call chemistry. She has this smile that says “you don’t know me and you never will, but please keep doing what you are doing coz you are doing it right.” I am dying to know her name, but there is no room to talk here because the way she is putting it down on the floor might just tempt you to give her a ring. The club is fully packed, but I swear it feels like it’s just the two of us.

It’s time to show her how deep my love is. I pull her closer and make sure my grip is firm and plot on how I am going to steal a kiss from her.

Damn it!!! Black out, there is a power surge.

To be continued…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Billy Miaron says:

    Thiiitima… Kenya Power, please bring back power… Dying for Episode 3… Glued.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bintire kesha kuchanganya….Rapid Response KPLC can you hear me…am hungry to read part three.


  3. Whitney says:

    Ben your work is amazing


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