Mystery girl Part 3

model: @justruthy       📷 Bmpicz Photography

Is it crazy that a part of me doesn’t want the lights to power back on or is it even crazier for me to say that I already miss seeing that cute dimpled face in spite of the fact that she is still in my arms?

The night is so tame that I am dying to call out her name which am yet to even ask. My mind can’t help but wonder what name would match her beautiful personality, is it Darlene, Shannie or Violet like the flower. Just having her in my arms is a moment I want to be frozen for eternity. And as my mind flirts around with the idea of taking her home with me I feel her soft warm lips pressed against mine. I had been expecting this but I thought I would be the one to make the move but I have to admit I love a lady who knows what she wants. I now have no option but to dive in and her lips are as sweet as berries.

As we pull away she just can’t help but bite my lower lip. The lights turn back on and I try opening my eyes which I guess had shut during the kiss and our eyes meet once again. She has this sly smile on her face which seems to say “I know you liked it”.

Isn’t this how it usually ends in the movies, boy meets girl and they live happily ever after? I am not the kind that believes in fairy tales but forgive me, if I say dearly beloved if this kind of love only exists in my dreams… don’t wake me up. It seems the best night are the ones you actually do not plan for, my plan tonight was to go out and have some fun, who thought I would meet this goddess. Was it a lie when people said that the club isn’t the best place to find love because I think I might have found a love for me. One who I would never ask to call me baby if she never meant it and one with whom would I wouldn’t need a license to drive crazy.

Someone shouts free shots for everyone and the crowd goes berserk and somehow, we are split up. There is now a bunch of drunks in front of me singing and trying to do something which almost resembles dancing. Where is she, I can’t see her. I quickly try going around them with the hope that I’ll find her patiently waiting for me. Unfortunately, one of them blocks my way and I shove him aside.

What had seemed to be a perfect night seems to be turning sour since I spill his beer and almost start a bar fight. Did I count my chicks too early before they could even hatch? A few minutes ago, I had found a girl, beautiful and sweet. She was perfect, I was even pondering the idea of one day making her the future Mrs. Me but now she is nowhere to be found. Wherever she is she also looking for me the same way I am looking for her or did she run off with someone else or just call it a night? Maybe she wasn’t the one for me I try telling myself but then if she wasn’t the one for me why do I hate the idea of losing her, or why was she dying for me to hold her the way I did? I guess we will never know since everything about her is still a mystery.

to be continued……


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thaitz says:

    Good work bro… can’t wait for the next episode. Keep up!


  2. Trill says:

    I really hope you trap her and she realises that she the one you long for

    Liked by 1 person

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